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S.B.1900 Illinois Open Access to Research Articles Act

Open AccessSynopsis As Introduced:

Creates the Open Access to Research Articles Act. Provides that no later than 12 months after the effective date of the Act, each public institution of higher education shall develop an open access to research articles policy. Provides that all public institutions of higher education shall develop policies that provide for the submission, by all faculty employed by the public institution of higher education, to the employing institution of an electronic version of the author's final manuscript of original research papers upon acceptance by a scholarly research journal; the incorporation of certain changes and replacements regarding the manuscript; free online public access to the final peer-reviewed manuscripts or published versions upon publication; an irrevocable, worldwide copyright license granted by the author to the public; production of an online bibliography of all research papers that are publicly accessible; and long-term preservation of, and free public access to, published research articles. Sets forth provisions concerning applicability, other policy requirements, and reporting requirements.

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Chicago State University Open Access Resolution

WHEREAS, Chicago State University recognizes its responsibility to develop policies and process to insure organizational compliance with Public Act 98-0295, Open Access to Research Articles Act, hereafter (“Act”), and

WHEREAS, a qualified team has been identified to lead the effort to develop policies and procedures to comply with this act;

WHEREAS, Chicago State University will be a leader in insuring open access to information;

WHEREAS, by January 1, 2014, Chicago State University shall establish an Open Access to Research Task Force. Each member of the task force shall be appointed by the chairperson of the Board of Trustees, with the advice and consent of the board.

WHEREAS, the task force shall be comprised of voting members and non-voting members. The voting members shall include, without limitation, members representing the University's library, members representing faculty, including, a labor organization that represents faculty at the public university, and members representing the University’s administration. The non-voting members shall include, without limitation, a member representing publishers who publish scholarly journals.

WHEREAS, the task force shall review current practices and design a proposed policy regarding open access to research articles, based on criteria that are specific to the University's needs.

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Chicago State University Board of Trustees, appoints the following individuals to the CSU Open Access to Research Task Force, Richard Darga, Chair, Paula Carney, Fatemeh Asadi, Mike Sukowski, Professor Charlene Snelling, Professor Suyu Lin, Professor Deborah Harper-Brown, Professor Lucy Rong He, Professor Brenda Pruitt-Annisette, Steve Wallace, Lucinda Boyd, and Dr. Holly Falk-Krezinski (Publishing Company Representative, Elsevier Publishing).

Open Access in a Nutshell

Why and How by Prof. Lynne Thomas from NIU
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Fact Sheet

The fact sheet was developed by Northern Illinois University (NIU):
Stacey Erdman, Northern Illinois University
Amanda Rinehart, formerly of Illinois State University
Jaime Schumacher, Northern Illinois University
Anne Shelley, Illinois State University.