Instruction Services

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Center for Teaching and Research Excellence

Michael Sukowski
Director-Center for Teaching and Research Excellence
Library, Room 304-2
Phone: 773-995-2501


Tenell Edingburg
Academic Advising Specialist
Library, Room 323
Phone: 773-995-3867

Theo Garth
Info Tech Specialist/System Administrator
Library, Room 315
Phone: 773-995-2285

Rochelle Johnson
Info Tech Specialist
Library, Room 314
Phone: 773-995-2456

Pamela Jones-Davis
Administrative Assistant
Library, Room 318
Phone: 773-995-2960

James Kowalski
Faculty Development Specialist
Library, Room 322
Phone: 773-995-2498

Sonya Ratliff
Program Specialist
Library, Room 316
Phone: 773-821-2508


Learning and Assistance Center

Location: 4th Floor of the Library - Room 450
Department Phone Number: 773-995-2273

Staff Contact Information:

  • Omar Headen, Director
    Office: Library 456
    Phone: 773-995-4412

  • Michelle Rogers, Writing/Reading Coordinator
    Office: Library 455
    Phone: 773-995-4539

  • Percy Austin, Math Coordinator
    Office: Library 458
    Phone: 773-821-4972