Government Documents

About Us

The Government Documents Center collects federal and state publications which support the university's academic programs. Acquisitions of local and international documents are limited. There are over 90,000 documents in the collection in various formats: book, pamphlet, journal, poster, map, audiovisual, microform, and electronic. Subject coverage is extensive and includes the environmental sciences, education, health, criminal justice, census data, defense, government regulations, and other areas.

Organization of Government Documents
Documents are organized according to the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) classification system which groups together publications by the same government author. Within an agency or department, publications are grouped by subordinate organization. The purpose of this system is to logically relate and physically arrange each item so that all publications of a single agency or department may be found together.
Finding Government Documents
Use the CSU Catalog, I-Share, to find government documents. Here is a guide to locating these documents.