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Databases IconWe have our collection of databases arranged in alphabetical order and by subject. The Academic Search Complete database is a good place to start your research as it is a general database covering all subjects indexing nearly 12,000 journals and provides the full text of more than 7000 articles. If you are unsure about which database to use when beginning your research, stop by the reference desk for assistance.

A general definition such as one supplied by the Oxford English Dictionary, viz. “A structured collection of data held in computer storage; esp. one that incorporates software to make it accessible in a variety of ways; transf., any large collection of information,” though correct, is not usefully precise.

Our academic library databases are vessels containing journals with articles. Articles and journals can be found on the World Wide Web directly too, and items other than these can be stored in databases. Our electronic journals are also in the library catalog, with the e symbol indicating an online location.

Below are different ways of accessing databases to find articles and journals for research. Most databases require authentication of your active association with the university.

About using databases

Because use of databases for an unfamiliar user can be confusing, this page describes the process of using the A to Z list of databases, tips, and off-campus usage.

List of databases by name

Databases here are arranged alphabetically by name. This is a mixture of types, and some have general contents. Others are named for their type of content or perceived usage.

List of subjects and associated databases

The academic programs at Chicago State University have collections of databases specifically useful in an area of study.

List of vendors and their databases

Of use primarily to librarians, different vendors provide useful specializations for accessing information.

About databases

There are databases containing nearly every conceivable type of material: raw scientific data, survey results, lists of journals, etc. This page explores the types and options at CSU.