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Certification of Election as Judge of the Appellate Court of IllinoisTo read Judge Pincham’s thoughts is to hear passion for justice. His beloved community is served, he thought, by service to learning—involvement in the struggle for change—defying odds to achieve education and reach a full life of realized potential.

Stories are filled with humor and wisdom. His life was lived determinedly; stories of his doggedness—his refusal to quit—are inspirational. A moral richness fills situations with practical power.

The judge kept mementos close from his and his ancestor’s past.

The Pincham papers

In 1998 news shocked many when an eleven year old girl, Ryan Harris, was killed by two much younger boys. This error was corrected when a convicted sex offender pled guilty. Conclusive evidence and an innocent verdict allowed release of the two boys. Judge Pincham won through to a settlement.

Papers from cases such as this, caringly collected, document the struggles of this effective civil rights attorney.

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“Roots”—and a love of involvement—shows in the thought Judge Pincham gave to his collection. Come see the diversity in the range of African artifacts the Chicago State University Library displays and Kwame Nkrumah Academy provides in the building.

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