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About articles

Articles are writings on a fairly narrow topic or subject, written by one or more authors. When doing research, articles should come from specialized magazines or journals.

Journals can be defined as scholarly magazines. A typical journal has 8-12 articles and perhaps some books reviews as well. The most effective way to find an article on your specific topic is to search through journals. The most effective way to do this is to use a database. However, printed journals are still in use, and many journals come in both print and electronic form.

An electronic database indexes articles and in many cases can provide the full text of an article. CSU has over 120 databases that can provide access to millions of articles in tens of thousands of journals.

Finding articles

Articles are in journals and many journals are printed. Some journals are available only in print. You can find printed journals or magazines using the library catalog. You can find digital journals or magazines in databases or by using the library catalog.

Finding printed articles

The place to find electronic and/or print journals is in the library catalog. Use this search box for journals and magazines.

This searches the Chicago State University catalog. When you find the journal you may see this symbol. e If so, this indicates the location of an electronic version of that journal.

Finding online articles

Articles are in journals and journals are in databases, so step one is about focusing on what you need or want. See Finding Journals as the next step.